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7 Top Fashion Advice For Curvy Women

7 Top Fashion Advice For Curvy Women

The fashion world has advanced into a refreshing era of inclusivity and body positivity. No longer are plus-sized women so excluded from fashion that they have to try to meet unrealistic fashion standards. These days, women are shopping for outfits that flatter their body type just as it is and showing off those curves!

Doubting this? Well, just have a look at famous curvaceous women like Meryl Steep, Melissa McCarthy, or Garcelle Beauvais and how gorgeous they always are on the red carpets! These women know how to flaunt their shape by choosing lovely dresses for curvy body types. To look just as gorgeous, here are 7 plus-size fashion tips to adopt:

    •    Choose Outfits With A Longer Silhouette

Curves increased a body’s width i.e. your hips, bust, arms, and thighs, and can influence your looks. Therefore, when shopping or styling an outfit, go for ensembles that create a long silhouette. This will shift focus to your height and form a good balance between width and height. Creating a taller silhouette is also nice for an elegant and classy look that shows everyone that curvy women are not at all frumpy but just as stylish!

To enhance the illusion of height, always choose vertical stripes over horizontal patterns. Also, adopt a column dressing and invest in high-waist jeans. Lastly, wear less flat shoes and more high-heeled shoes! This doesn’t have to be six inches but a nice kitten heel will add to a longer silhouette.

    •    Flaunt Your Curves

As mentioned above, gone are the days of curvy women dressing to hide their shapes. We are about celebrating every woman, so no more concealing your hips in boxy skirts. No more making your bust disappear in shapeless blouses. Don’t be afraid to wear shapely gowns, skirts, and pants that flatter your body and make you feel beautiful. If you’re worried about folds showing through shapely clothes, don’t be! Shapely is different from tight. And when selecting shapely clothes don’t go for light fabrics. Choose outfits designed with sturdy materials such as viscose or velvet that smartly hug the body, so you can step out boldly and with confidence!

    •    Highlight Your Waist

One interesting fact about a woman’s waist is that regardless of her size, it will always be slimmer than her bust and hips. Highlighting this is a great way to give your looks a feminine feel. Some curvy women tend to wear straight dresses without definition, and that can make you appear like your torso to thigh area is one thick stretch. This effectively lessens the allure of your style. So say goodbye to that choice today and say hello to belts!

The thinner your belt is, the better as you can cinch them just under your bust without having it press against your stomach. Also, opt for peplum blouses and jumpsuits; these are naturally designed to define the waist. If you have your clothes tailored, chat with your tailor about defining the waist on your clothes. This is a small change but trust us, it will do wonders for your wardrobe.

    •    Wear Flowy Dresses

Flowy dresses look suave on all body types, but they favor curves more because they are the perfect blend of shapely and free. When you wear a flowy gown, for instance, it stays loose on body parts you might not want to highlight while clinging lightly (and enticingly) to your hips and bust. Flowy blouses and gowns also create an illusion of hollowness around the waist that makes it look smaller in the attire. With flowy clothes, you can decide not to wear a belt, but pair them with heels as mentioned above, and choose outfits with a long silhouette!

    •    Add Jackets To Your Looks!

Another easy but effective tip for dressing a curvy body type is to wear jackets. And by jackets, we don’t mean the plain and the bland. Rather, view this as a chance to explore your stylish side!

Wear a lacy blue kimono over your dress in the summer, and an ivory blazer with a belted waist over your pencil skirts for work. In the cold seasons, wear vertically patterned coats, or a bright yellow one over an all-black ensemble. Wearing jackets will make you feel comfortable, but wearing stylish jackets will make you stand out like the chic queen that you are!

    •    Wear Shapewear

There is a common (mis)belief that shapewear does not promote body positivity and that women who love themselves should avoid it. This is not true! Loving yourself includes making sure to feel good in your skin. When you walk into a room and see a woman looking like a boss in her 4-inch heels, it doesn’t mean she hates herself because her feet aren’t snug in flats. It means she’s willing to endure a bit of discomfort to present herself how she feels most confident. So don’t fret about adding a few shapewear to your wardrobe. You don’t have to wear them every day, and you certainly won’t wear them at home.
Select bras that prop up your breasts nicely and seamless underwear that hugs your body snugly. Shapewear empowers you and makes you feel sexy, so buy as many as you want.

    •    Play With Pops Of Color!

If wearing bright colors all the way isn’t your style, you can still make a splash with just a pop of them. Don’t settle for plain clothes simply to hide your body. You are beautiful and will feel more confident wearing some colors than you do in dim clothes.

A touch of bright color added smartly to your outfit is all you need to look stunning. Choose that bright red purse and match it with your lipstick! Wear a soft pink jacket over darker colors. Go for emerald green heels, or all whites with touches of black. Be expressive with your style and have fun.


Renowned women like Mariah Carey, Selena Gomez, and Oprah show us daily how curvy women can take the fashion reins and slay. Take a page out of their book so that you can truly be the star in your life!

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