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Why Sustainable Fashion Matters: Understanding the Importance of Sustainable Fashion

Why Sustainable Fashion Matters: Understanding the Importance of Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is an initiative that actively focuses on developing clothing, accessories, and other textile products in an environmentally-friendly and ethical way.

This movement fashions the environmental impact of production, the working conditions of the people involved in production, and the social responsibility of companies.

Sustainable fashion is essential because the traditional fashion industry is considered one of the most pollution-filled and wasteful in the world.

In all honesty the traditional fashion industry has greatly impacted the environment negatively causing climate change, water pollution, and the depletion of natural resources.

Understanding Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is a term often used to portray the mass production of clothing and accessories at low prices in an effort to effect a high turnover in rates. With a significant surge in online shopping alongside trends on social media, fast fashion became more popular.

Though fast fashion is as a result of a high demand this doesn’t make it environmentally safe. With fast fashion the production of clothing is responsible for at least 10% of global carbon emissions with another 20% connected to global water waste. Not to mention synthetic fibers which contribute to microplastic pollution in the ocean

The Importance of Sustainable Fashion

After hearing all about the ill effects of fast fashion on the environment, the question then posed is what effects does sustainable fashion have on the environment and why is this important?

Let’s start with the impact of sustainable fashion on the environment. Sustainable fashion takes into consideration all the areas of production. This includes the use of natural resources, the emissions,and the overall waste formation process.

In essence when choosing sustainable fashion you have the opportunity to minimize the negative impacts it may inflict on the world.

Other vital areas to be highlighted include social responsibility and Health.

  • Social responsibility:  Sustainable fashion believes in working in ethical environments to the benefit of every worker involved in production. The opposite is that of the fast fashion industry who heavily exploit their workers to keep the cost very low.
  • Health: Sustainable fashion in every way possible seeks to limit or eradicate the use of toxic chemicals that pose great health concern and safety for its employees. However, fast fashion’s use of toxic products throughout production is consistent whether or not it poses a risk to the health of workers and even consumers.

Many persons may say entertaining sustainable fashion comes at a loss. This loss is as it relates to profits. At times being sustainable in fashion takes into consideration way more overheads which mean in return less profit.

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Ways to Include Sustainable Fashion in Your Everyday Wear

Incorporating sustainable fashion into your wardrobe is by no means difficult once you have the right tips. Consider these pointers:

  • High-Quality: when embracing sustainable fashion it is critical that all items are timeless and of premium quality meaning it can easily be worn for years
  • Rent: Instead of purchasing clothes for a specific event to possibly not wear it again, opt for renting an outfit. This concept also applies to accessories like jewelry and handbags. Rent is another great way to save for some items because it allows you to spend less. Buying the item brand new will cause you to spend more.
  • Secondhand & Swapping: opting for secondhand or even vintage pieces greatly minimizes waste and even encourages saving. There is also the interesting view of swapping. Instead of buying an item, you may consider exchanging with a friend for an occasion. This helps to save and also puts less pressure on the environment in terms of the production process.
  • Recognition to Sustainability Brands: spend some time researching and sourcing brands that believe in sustainable fashion/employ ethical production
  • Critically think about the material used in your clothing: When selecting clothing and accessories it’s important to consider natural fibers and materials. For example in relation to clothes try choosing cotton, linen, and hemp. Stay far as possible away from anything synthetic.
  • Practice Care: Oftentimes our clothes have a very short lifespan because we don’t truly take care of them. Therefore use active steps to lengthen the lifespan of your clothes by following the instructions based on the material used. Using cold water, air drying and repairing damages quickly help to allow you to enjoy your clothes for longer and look good in them without it getting tattered, torn or losing color
  • Personalized: choosing to have your clothes custom built allows you to decide how your clothes will be made and with what material. This approach supports sustainable and slow fashion. Personalized pieces generally last longer. Another great treat to think of is that your clothes will be completely ‘you’ so standing out is a definite feature of this option.

Final Thoughts

Sustainable fashion is a vital movement that ought to be embraced throughout the world. The beauty of sustainable fashion as opposed to fast fashion is that it prioritizes taking responsibility for your environment, incorporation of social ethics, and at all times with health and safety at the forefront.

Sustainable fashion highlights that fast fashion is not necessary especially if you plan ahead. It’s essential for consumers to make more responsible decisions  to limit the frequency of fast fashion.

Trend is the driving force of fast fashion even if it means causing harm to animals, people and the environment. Fast fashion materials tend to be heavily reliant on synthetic fabrics. The styles might be inexpensive but with a quicker rate of being disposed of and you spending again because of the lack of durability.

Sustainable fashion isn't about dressing less than or not feeling confident in your clothes. It’s about learning to embrace conscious choices when it comes to our clothing and accessories.

Sustainable fashion can still be trendy and what’s important is that in the process one can  reduce the impact imposed on the planet and prioritize a more ethical and sustainable fashion approach.

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